Glycolic Peels 

 I don’t really know where to start with this, I never really knew anything about glycolic peels so when I recieved a tester for the Caudalie Glycolic Peel so tonight I decided to try it out and I was amazed. Honestly after 10 minutes my skin was smoother, brighter, looked clearer and cleared my many blackheads (when I say many, I think they honestly have a party every night and make blackhead babies). Nothing has ever shifted my blackheads and believe me I have tried everything so this is a miracle. Naturally I am amazed and also curious. How does it work ? Which is the best one ? I needed some background and I found something a bit scary.

As amazing as glycolic peels are could they be too good to be true ? I read an article in which it explains that as the glycolic peel takes the top layer of your skin off prematurely then you will get the great results but can these be permanent ? Surely we will just have to keep doing it, keep relying on a product which is stripping our skin off at an unhealthy rate and because of this what will happen to our skin ? Will this treatment have lasting effects ?

I know there are a LOT of questions in this post but this amazing beauty find has sparked a fire in my head. I am fully aware that the media (by media I mean places like the Daily Mail and such) like to scaremonger us into doing what they want but this claim makes sense.

With regards to reviewing this product I think it is amazing! I am keen to try other glycolic peels to see if they are as good but I am very tempted to just purchase a full size Caudalie product and incorporate it into my weekly routine.

I would absolutely love to hear your views on this and I apologise if this article sounds a bit like a Panorama or Dispatches episode (if your not from the UK then these are programs to show the bad side of EVERYTHING) but I am just fascinated.

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