Top 5 Products 



Diorshow Iconic Overcurl – This is my favourite mascara at the moment, the design of the curved brush makes it ideal for grabbing each lash and elongating them whilst also volumising. When I bought this I was told that everyone loves this product and I can see why, Dior has done well! I definitely recommend this product to anyone, I find that I’m not that picky as I have 3 go-to mascaras but thinking about it, I wouldn’t touch high street mascara as they just don’t live up to my expectations (so maybe I am a picky shit without even realizing it).


I don’t like mascara brushes unless they are thick with lots of fibres like this one and Bad Gal Lash (which was on my ‘Where it all started?‘ post), so if you find that the plastic brushes aren’t your thing please try this product. I think the only plastic brush I like is they’re real by benefit which is a great product although it does irritate my eyes for some reason. Overall, this is the best mascara I have tried and mascara is probably my favourite eye product so I have tried quite a few (poor bank balance).


Eau Roma Water by Lush – This is a lavender and rose water toner which has a multitude of beauty benefits. I first heard about rose water about a year ago and I was swayed by the benefits I was hearing about it as I have such problem skin, so I went on to the Boots website as I had some points that had built up on my Boots card and bought a Botanics Rose Water that I adored! I didn’t really consider anything else and kept this in my bag so that I remembered to use it (I have a habit of forgetting to use products). I didn’t really consider any other rose waters to try out until I got this little gem as a gift, it has a better smell than the rose water on its own due to the lavender and appears to have a better effect. Rose water is hydrating for your skin and can be used to remove make up or just sprayed on whenever you feel like it, I find if I’m in a hot office it helps to cool you down also. Rose water is claimed to help heal cuts and scars as well as help with skin conditions. I have to say, from my experience it is very soothing and it is moisturising without feeling greasy on your skin which I cannot stand! This can also be sprayed onto your hair to assist with keeping that moisturised also but I haven’t tried this yet, although I do plan to as winter hasn’t been kind to my hair this year, so I will update this post when I get round to doing this.


Naked 2 by Urban Decay – If you haven’t heard of the Naked palettes then where have you been? I don’t know anyone that hasn’t heard of them and for a good reason, Urban Decay are the ruler of all eyeshadows and this palette is my current favourite! From left to right we have Foxy, Half Baked, Bootycall, Chopper, Tease, Snakebite, Suspect, Pistol, Verve, YDK, Busted and Blackout.



As you can see from the photograph they are all beautiful colours albeit some slightly similar. There are 2 matte colours and blackout which is matte but with the occasional fleck of silver glitter, the rest are a kind of shimmer finish. I’d like to be able to tell you my favourite shadow in the palette but I don’t have one, I love them all! This product retails at around £38.00 and is well worth the money, the shadows are well pigmented and you don’t need to use a lot. It also comes with a handy brush for application with two ends, one for the actual application of the shadow and the wider end for blending which is good as far as blending brushes go. I have to say the amount of colours can be quite overwhelming and if you’re like me and do not have a creative bone in your body then a quick ‘google’ will solve all of your issues because there is so many ideas online (thank the lord for creative people), so I would recommend to go and buy this and have the time of your life with pretty eyelids.


Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum Complexion Correcting – This is a product I got in my Pink Parcel a couple of months ago (by a couple of months I mean some point in the past year), for those of you who haven’t heard of the wonderful company that is Pink Parcel they are a subscription box service for sanitary products that get delivered just before that time of the month with extra goodies to cheer you up!
Enough about Pink Parcel anyway, I plan to post an unboxing when I receive my next one to show you what it’s all about. So back to the subject, this is an amazing serum, it just seems to smooth any blemishes and even my skin tone which I love. I have quite bad skin due to wine, sugar & a bad habit of forgetting to take my make up off and moisturise. I only have myself to blame but it really does combat these issues and feels lovely on my skin. I am on my second mini tube and I love it, once this one is finished I am going to treat myself to the full size tube. I have got quite a few other Caudalie products to review so these wil be posted over the next couple of months.


MAC Cosmetics x Ellie Goulding lipstick in ‘Without your love’ – This is a beautiful light pink frosty colour, it is a creme sheen which isn’t greatly pigmented but is a wonderful winter look, I have really fell in love with is since I got given it as a Christmas gift by my lovely boyfriend who has a great eye for lipsticks! I love this one and find it so comfortable to wear. Everyone knows how good MAC lipsticks are so I don’t need to go on too much but I believe this is a limited edition collection with Ellie Goulding so I don’t know how long this will be available. This product can be found on the MAC website   ( 


So they are my current Top 5 and have been for a little while now, I would recommend the products on this list to anyone and everyone! I’d love to hear everyone else’s top 5 products or any top 5 product blogs that you read and enjoyed!

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