Friction Free Shaving Subscription 

I came across this little beauty whilst looking for a subscription box for my boyfriend and it appeared to tick all of the boxes, I adore the styling of this box and the cute little phrases on the packaging have sold me straight away. I am guilty of not changing my razor blade anywhere near often enough (after I moved out I didn’t change it for nearly 6 months, how disgusting of me), so when I came across this website and found that experts reccomend your blade is changed after each shave I cringed and signed up straight away. The idea behind this box is that a pack of four blades are sent to you once a month so that you can change the blades once a week to ensure minimal bacteria build up and let’s be honest, who shaves their legs more than 2-3 times a week. 

This box is small enough to fit through your letterbox so you get to walk through your door to a cute little surprise and you don’t have to worry about missing the delivery and waiting in the dreaded Royal Mail pick up que (am I the only one who dreads this ?), so what’s not to like ? The option I chose was the £5 option and there is a choice of three. The first option named as Faye is a two blade razor for £3 a month, the second option (the one I picked) is called Frankie which has 3 blades and is £5 a month and the most expensive option is Samantha and at £7 for a 5 blade razor is amazing value. Personally I resent buying razor blades due to the hefty price tag and they are so easy to forget to pick up. It is ideal to have them delivered to your door at a price you can’t argue with. They also have an option for a bi-monthly delivery if you find you don’t need to shave that often. 

As I mentioned before, who can resist the cute phrases of Friction Free Shaving, if you read the packaging without a singing it in your head then I applaud you because I just can’t! After trying the product I can say it was great to use! My legs now feel really silky smooth and I’m definitely impressed. The razor feels like very good quality and not plasticy like other better known brands, it is mainly metal with a rubbery pink grip which is shapes perfectly to fit smaller hands. If you intrigued visit  Friction Free Shaving to find out more. 
p.s please excuse the iPhone photos, Max is busy and I just couldn’t wait to share this with you. 

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