‘No Make Up’ Make Up


I thought I’d write a post about this as it’s so important, I mean, if you’re like me that is and can’t visit any friends or family bare faced without them asking if you are ill or just plain ugly. So I thought I’d share my make up favourites for a subtle look that reassures people that you’re ok and ensures you don’t get home and cry into a pot of Ben and Jerry’s whilst watching Bridget Jones. So, this collection of items is mainly from the beauty giant benefit who I adore, I have pretty much all of their products and can’t imagine life without them.


Porefessional by benefit -I have to admit I am not a pro when it comes to primer (I’m not a pro at anything really) and after starting to write this post I have promised myself I will buy 3-4 more primers to add to my collection and I will do a comparison for you all but at this point I love this one so much it’s hard to tear myself away. I haven’t seen a bad review on Porefessional yet and it’s well earned by benefit as it doesn’t deserve any bad reviews in my opinion, I have been using it for over a year now and I’m in love. It helps keep your make up on if used under your foundation and concealer, personally I have combination skin and I touch my face a lot which is a recipe for disaster but I found that with this, my make up stays put a lot longer, although I would recommend a good moisturiser before this if you have particularly dry skin because it can be quite drying. This is a pretty little primer which is designed to smooth over pores and give a great base for foundation or for use on its own if you are having a good skin day. If your like me then good skin days don’t exist and I would suggest the product below to be teamed up with Porefessional. This is sold anywhere that stocked benefit and is £24.50 for 22ml.

Hello Flawless by benefit – I love this product for this purpose, it wouldn’t say this has enough staying power for a night out but perfect and enough coverage for day wear, I’d say ideal for relaxed day wear. I use the shade ‘I’m pure 4 sure ivory’ which isn’t too pale, then again this is on my skin and I am at milkbottle status skin colour wise and there’s nothing like embracing your natural colour (I definitely do not have a stash of fake tan bursting to come out in the summer months). There’s not much more I can say about this product apart from the fact it pairs well with its sister product Porefessional and glides on beautifully. This foundation is averagely priced for a high end foundation at £26.50 for 30ml and can be bought


MAC Powder Blush in Dame – I adore this product, adore!!! This is just, so, so pretty! I love this shade and I cannot understand the people who don’t use blush 95% of the time, it stops your face from looking flat without the effort of contour or risking looking like you have just come back from Charlie’s chocolate factory with bronzer overload. This is a product that you can build colour with but it is hard to go over the top with it. It’s a must, like highlighter, for any females make up collection. As you can see from the photograph I am running out sadly (my bank balance is crying with me) but this will definitely be a repurchase. This is well worth £18.50 and can be bought


 benefit balms & tints – Any of these little beauties are ideal for this, my current personal favourite is the Benebalm and Benetint duo, I love how red they are but completely natural. You can mix and match any of them, the only one I don’t own is the Cha Cha part of the range because I don’t think it would work well with my skin tone. Posiebalm was the first one I bought and I couldn’t believe how lovely it was so of course I had to get the others! They are ideal for putting in your bag just in case you get dragged somewhere unexpectedly (honestly this happens to me all of the time, I am surrounded by spontaneous pub fanatics) and need a quick fix up. The balms are £14.50 each and the tints are £24.50.

So that is all, now I hope you go out and buy all of these products and have fun playing with them! Please let me know if you think I’ve missed anything from this list as I’d love to purchase some more wonderful finds, high end or high street (although I’m sure my boyfriend would prefer the high street suggestions).

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